One day a deer showed up on a stranger’s yard in a residential area in Texas. It looked like something was stuck on his horn. And it turns out he was there asking for help.

The house owner realized he needed help, so they called the police. Officer Kevin Zieschang then arrived at the scene and removed the debris from the buck’s horn. When they were finished, the deer (who was later named Uncle Buck) remained in the yard for a while.

The officer tried to send him back home into the woods, but it looked like Uncle Buck was in no hurry to return. Maybe somewhere along the line, he figured out that these people were kind. So he hanged around a bit and returned on his own time.

A local media tried to cover the story. So Kevin went to back to the house along with a reporter. But halfway through the interview, something shocking happened. The buck appeared out of nowhere and walked straight to Kevin!

The buck was really tame and he was not afraid of people like most of his counterparts are. However, residents feared that he might end up getting hit by a car, so Uncle Buck was moved to an animal sanctuary nearby.

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