When you picture a poultry farm, you usually see hens sitting on their eggs to incubate it. It is their way of keeping the eggs warm till they hatch. They make great mothers as well. The scene of a proud mother hens with her little chicks is just too cute! The mama in the following video though, set herself apart from the rest. Her owners thought she was sitting on some eggs, when in fact; she was trying to incubate a completely different creature!

This mama hen must have felt some strong maternal instinct, for she decided to sit on a kitten! The poor kitten must have been alone and cold, so she stepped in to fulfill the role of foster mom. The hen’s owners were baffled to find her trying to keep the kitten warm. Look at the dedication in her eyes! If animals can have so much empathy for creatures of a totally different species, I think we can learn a thing or two from them!

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